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Swearing by the words of Paolo Nutini’s “put some new shoes on and suddenly everything will feel just right”, we, at AJIO have ensured that we showcase only the kind of casual shoes for men that not only score full marks on style, but also on comfort. Providing you with all sizes and styles is our aim, and we’re sure you’re going to love what you see here!

One of the trendy pairs in recent seasons are boat shoes. What is a boat shoe? Well, to put it simply, think of them as loafers but with laces. If you’re looking to pick up something which you could pull off at the workplace as well as for semi-casual lunches with the boss, a pair of brown leather boat shoes would be perfect, whereas for those gorgeous Sunday brunches, a pair of jet black N9-treated lightweight cushioned boat shoes would surely send a whole lot of glances your way!

Treat yourself this winter to a pair of debonair abstract printed espadrilles shoes. Paired with dark blue jeans and a slim fit white shirt, it would portray an image about you which says classy, but not afraid to take risks every now and then. For those who like to keep it simple, don’t panic! We have an excellent range of plain ones which would go perfectly for almost any occasion.

Are you one of those who stays in a perpetual rush? Well, for this fast-paced life we have only three words for you – “slip-on shoes!”. Incredibly versatile, they are at home in almost every occasion and style. You want something in formals, leather slip-ons are your thing. Something to wear to a coffee shop meeting, suede checker slip-ons are your friends. Want to leave asap, why waste even a minute? Can’t wait to take your shoes off after a long day, don’t even touch them, just kick ‘em out of your feet. Every man loves a classic pair of slip on shoes!

People say loafers are meant to be worn with semi-casual wear. We disagree. In today’s times, they’ve made their way to into the formal, as well as casual looks with ease. A slim fit shirt with classic shorts or chinos and loafers without socks, is a look you can’t go wrong with.

We have some excellent pairs of men’s sneakers too, that come in varieties such as faux leather, brogue detailed, high top lace ups and suede. If you’re looking to get funky, a pair of Nintendo Donkey Kong print sneakers by VANS would be a fantastic choice. FAMOZI is one of our favourite brands when it comes to variety. From plimsols to espadrilles, they literally have it all. Similarly, if you want to buckle up for formal wear, then Buckaroo is a great friend to have as it will surely help you in your time of need. Expect to find great pairs of lace-ups, slip-ons and classic formal casual shoes in their catalogue.

Casual shoes are everyday essentials and is a category we at AJIO love showcasing. Making the best pair of them available to you is what we strive to do and are very confident that you will be signing out with a pair that speaks to you.

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